Hey, really great to see you here! Thanks for joining us. To get started, let me tell you about how we work.

You are our first priority. As a client of MAAM, you are our big focus. When you call, we answer; when you write, we respond. Try it out. Call 302-737-0700 or send an email to office@midatlanticmanagement.com.

Of course you want your property appraisals to be completed by a licensed appraiser who knows the local market. You also want your appraisals done by people with great turn time and communication. We have an order assignment system based on geography combined with performance metrics to meet your needs. Our standard turn time is two business days from inspection.

You want compliance. From HVCC to TILA, Dodd-Frank and Appraiser Independence to USPAP, we have got you covered. You want to know your loans are ready to go, so we have direct links to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – and a roster full of FHA Certified and ASC Verified Appraisers! Link to us on the UCDP as username MIDATLANTIC.

Getting it right the first time, according to your underwriting guidelines, results in fewer stipulations and a more efficient process for your company. We want to get to know you and, if you want, create custom reviews to ease your review process.

You also definitely want updates. No problem. You want constant email updates for your files? You got it. You want to call in at your convenience and get an update on all open orders? Ok, we do that. You want to receive updates on your real estate appraisals in some other fashion? We look forward to tailoring our service to your needs.

With us you will get the precision you need, and the attention that you deserve. Sign up today; give us a call at 302-737-0700 or send an email to office@midatlanticmanagement.com